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Dragon Hill Spa in Seoul Korea ...

By Ruth

I came across this report on a “jjimjilbang”, or Korean-style saunas, and was particularly intrigued by the so-called The Emperor’s Sitz Hip Room.

There are holes in the center of each chair, and from the holes rise steam from various herbs, which seep into the skin and womb. This steam removes body wastes and stimulates blood circulation.

And, the facility that’s supposed to set the Dragon Hill Spa from the others in the area: the Conventional Oak Wood Charcoal Oven.

This oak wood charcoal oven is the only one of its kind in Seoul, and uses oak wood charcoal to heat up the room. The generated heat is good for stress relief and relaxation, and is one of the most popular facilities.

There are four rooms, ranging from high temperatures to moderate temperatures. If you want to use one of the two higher temperature rooms, it is recommended that you wear socks before entering the rooms. Also, be sure to take off all your jewelry, for they may change color due to the high temperature.

Oooh, that sounds inviting, freezing as I am right now in the middle of winter!

See the full report for more info, including Dragon Hill’s contact info and rates.

[Photo: KTO]

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