Dove Skin Vitalizer


Dove Skin Vitalizer
Dove Skin Vitalizer

If you have read eBeautyDaily for very long, you know that I am a huge fan of beauty gadgets - especially those skin care gadgets. I love my Clairsonic skin care brush to the point that I donโ€™t ever want to be without it, but admittedly, its price keeps it out of the realm of lots of folks. So enter the Dove SkinVitalizer. This is an affordable option for a skin care โ€œbrushโ€ that isnโ€™t quite a brush, and is so much more. On a velcro type surface you adhere a Cleansing Pillow, which is a sturdy cottony pad that is full of very nice cleanser. It is dry when you remove it from its packet, but you attach it to the SkinVitalizer, run it briefly under water, then turn it on and vitalize your skin to your hearts content with a rich foamy lather.

There are two sides to the pillow that you can choose from - one is smoother, and one is slightly rougher, in order to get more exfoliation benefit from the gadget. There are also two different cleanser formulas to choose from in cleanser - the Energy Glow and the Exfoliating. Both are great - there is ample, thick lather. I really love these tools partially because I really feel like they do a great job cleaning your skin, but I also feel like the vibrations do some toning of your facial muscles, which canโ€™t be a bad thing, right?

Prior to finding the Holy Grail of skin care brushes, I had tried every other brush type that is on the market - truly. I absolutely despise most of them. Donโ€™t waste your money on the ones that use any form of stick-on foam pad - they are all a waste of money, and cost alot more than this SkinVitalizer. The pads slip off, they are a mess. The Skin Vitalizer pads donโ€™t move, they attach in a sort of velcro-y way. They really do work perfectly and are ergonomically designed to fit your every curve on your face. You can get this brush at your local drugstore at prices around $13, and you can buy the cleansing pads for around $4.50 for 14 of them. I hope you like them as much as I do - please let me know what you think when you try it!

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