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Designer Diaper Bags

By Vanessa

March 21, 2008
post written by Bag Bliss blogger: Vanessa

Designer Diaper Bags
With the Hollywood baby boom, having babies seems like the latest trend. Along with babies comes diapers, wipes, and bottles and these aren’t likely to fit in mommy’s Dior clutch now will they? Of course not, but don’t ever underestimate Hollywood fashionistas….where there is a will there is a way…and where there are stylish mommies comes practical designers. Many designers, from Burberry to Juicy Couture, have jumped on the bandwagon of designing chic diaper bags for couture mommies.

The first diaper bag featured above is the Juicy Couture Scottie-Print Diaper Bag, Camomile Lawn and retails at a fair $350. This bag is roomy enough to fit all of the essentials and chic enough to keep mommy looking stylish. And best of all it comes with “Couture Baby” burping cloth, “Couture Baby” bib, and “Juicy Couture” blanket. The second diaper bag featured is the Felix Rey Lucia Leopard-Print Diaper Bag. This ultra chic and stylish bag retails at $350 as well and is sophisticated enough for mommy’s work suits. The third bag featured is the Chloe Diaper Bag and retails at $812. This couture diaper bag fits all of the essential items and can be carried with all of mommy’s outfits. The fourth bag is the Burberry Exploded Check Diaper Tote and retails at $545. This bag features the signature Burberry Check pattern and patent leather trimming, making it ultra stylish and versatile.

Mothers can now truly tote around diapers in style!

Find these diaper bags at: Saks Fifth Avenue, eluxuryor Nordstrom

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