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Christian Dior Jazzclub Zebra Flapped Bag

By Deysa

April 5, 2008
post written by Bag Bliss blogger: Deysa

Christian Dior Jazzclub Zebra Flapped Bag
Christian Dior’s new Jazzclub collection is as hot as its latest ad. I swear when I saw the Runway Dior Jazzclub Zebra Flapped Bag (pictured above), I was totally psyched out in awe! I’m usually not an animal print fanatic, but on this bag, Dior definitely accomplished an excellent combination of trendy zebra print on a great classic flap bag. In the past and up until present time, I’ve seen a couple of designers apply animal prints on their accessories, in attempt to make a great and eye-catching handbag. Some succeeded but most didn’t, problem being that their designs were either a bit to mature, or way too graphic, (I’m referring graphic to those, I-just-skinned-a-carcass-and-I’m-wearing-it, bags).

Although many can agree that “zebra” is just another trendy print, I feel that this bag can remain modern for quite some period of time. First of all, the basic hues of black and white allow versatility among different colors of clothing. The large amount of silver plated hardware found throughout the handbag, gives off such a classic and sophisticated look. I must say that this Dior Runway flap, by far, carries the best-looking zebra print on a handbag. If your ladies do not dig the zebra print, Christian Dior carries the same flapped bag dressed in nice aged lambskin leather. Browse and Shop Christian Dior products, here: eLUXURY

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