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Confessions of a Philosophy Girl Bath amp Body

By Colleen

This is the last post in my Confessions of a Philosophy Girl series. I hope you've enjoyed it and I'll leave you with my thoughts on the bath and body products including their 3-in-1's since that's where the fun is.

Soul Owner is a foot cream and I never thought I'd say this but... this foot cream is awesome. It has salicylic and glycolic acids in it that help exfoliate the dead icky skin while crazy moisturizing. So slather it on for a couple of nights and then after a warm shower or bath, use a foot rasp and the skin basically just clumps right off. It sounds gross but it's awesome. Carla likes this a lot as well. As a warning to sensitive sniffers, it's very strongly scented.

Cinnamon Buns is a classic. You can't go wrong with this one, everybody who sniffs it falls in love. I never use the same body wash two showers in a row but I went through a 16 ounce bottle of this in no time. I haven't repurchased yet because there are so many body washes out there I have to try but I'm sure I'll repurchase sooner or later.

Do you like peppermint? I mean really peppermint? Like, clear your sinuses and wake you right up peppermint? Then try Candy Cane shower gel. I like peppermint but this is strong even for me. The body scrub is nice, though. It's especially nice in the dead of winter when your nose is clogged up and you need a kick in the butt. Peppermint lovers will love the Candy Cane Suitcase. Grasshopper was another good one but it may have been discontinued. Another minty scent but cut with a little bit of vanilla and something that smells like booze to take the edge off. Yummy to my nose. This was probably replaced with Empowermint, which I'd also like to try. I like mint.

I love margaritas, like a lot and Senorita Margarita was worth trying. The problem with this 3-in-1 is that it smells too much like a real margarita and it's hard for me to use because it's so overwhelming. I swear, you can even smell salt in there. Not for me, despite my love of margaritas. This was the case with Melon Daiquiri as well. I also love daiquiris but not in the shower, I guess. I had a little bottle of this and only used it a few times, wasn't for me. I don't even really remember what it smelled like.

I really want to try Banana and Waffle Cone next, after I get through a reasonable portion of my body wash stash. I never use the 3-in-1's as shampoo, my hair is way too dry and crazy. My skin is dry too but I've never felt stripped or dried out from a 3-in-1. If anything, try Cinnamon Buns... unless you really hate foody scents but I bet you'll love it.

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