Clear Skin Diet - 5 Foods to Avoid ...


Clear Skin Diet - 5 Foods to Avoid ...
Clear Skin Diet - 5 Foods to Avoid ...

When it comes to how your skin looks, there are some things you can’t control, like air pollutants and seasons. But there’s one thing you can always control - your diet. Doctors have told us time and again that we are what we eat. If you want healthy skin, you must eat healthy food.

When choosing our food, we often think about the calories, how it will affect our blood pressure, and the health of our gut. But we never think about its effect on our skin. Consuming certain types of food can keep your skin clear. Some foods reduce inflammation while others help lessen the appearance of acne. If you want to have beautiful, clear skin, avoid these foods.

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  1. Alcohol

If you want to protect your skin (as well as your liver), go easy on the booze - especially during the cold season. It is important to avoid or minimize alcohol intake when it’s cold. According to doctors, alcohol makes your body lose heat more rapidly from blood vessel dilation. Because your skin isn’t well hydrated, you may experience dry skin.

Dry skin can be itchy, red, and scaly. You may also notice small cracks on your skin. Don’t use alcohol to ward off the cold, your skin isn’t going to be happy. While an energy patch can help get your energy back up after a night of drinking, it will do nothing for your skin.


  1. Deep Fried Food

No question about it, deep fried food tastes amazing. But it also does a number on your complexion. Because the food contains a lot of oil, it causes excess oil production in the skin. You may love deep fried food, but we’re sure you don’t want the oil from your food showing up on your face.

And that’s not all. When taken regularly, fried foods damage the cellular structure of the epidermis and dermis. This leads to more cystic acne and aged skin. Fried foods prevent the skin from retaining moisture, so it becomes dehydrated and lined. It also makes it harder for the body to get rid of toxins effectively.


  1. Donuts

Love donuts? If you want to have clear skin, get them off your diet. As a matter of fact, avoid sugary treats like cookies and other high-glycemic foods. Sugar glycates collagen, your skin’s major component. When this happens, your skin stiffens and ages prematurely. If your diet has a high glycemic index, you may suffer from acne.


  1. Milk and Dairy Products

Milk and dairy products might contribute to skin conditions like acne. Milk contains androgens and precursors to testosterone which influence the skin’s hormone receptors, triggering the process that causes acne. Research has shown that skim milk tends to cause acne more than whole milk, especially in people who consume more than three portions per week. Dairy allergy can also cause a reaction like a rash, hives, and swelling on the lips and face.



Many studies show that people who consume chocolate on a regular basis are prone to developing acne. The problem with chocolate lies in the high contents of sugar.  If craving chocolate do opt for dark chocolate bars with as little sugar as possible, ideally, 9 gm or less per serving. It's bitter and not as delicious as milk chocolate, but it will help you to take the edge off and it will satisfy your sweet tooth without jeoperdizing your skin health. 

So, if you want to have beautiful skin, steer clear of these foods. Eat skin-friendly foods and say goodbye to bad skin.

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