Christian Louboutin Makes Fetish Ballet Heels, Just like Beyonce's!

Following on from Lucy's column on impractical shoes earlier today, how about these for "impractical"? They're Christian Louboutin's fetish ballet heels, and when I spotted them over at Catwalk Queen my toes stared to throb at the very sight of them. They're very like the shoes Beyonce's dancers wear in the video for 'Green Light', but luckily those of us who don't dance for Beyonce have the perfect excuse not to wear them, as even the designer says they're not exactly practical.

"You can't walk or run in these shoes," said Louboutin. "They're only made for lying on your back." I suspect that's something we could have worked out for ourselves, Mr. L... The shoes will be on show at David Lynch's Fetish exhibition, opening on 2nd October at the Galerie du Passage in Paris. Strictly an exhibition piece, although at least they'd give you plenty of scope for flashing those red soles!

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