Catwalk to Photo Shoot - Christian Ricci in Elle UK May 2008


Catwalk to Photo Shoot - Christian Ricci in Elle UK May 2008
Catwalk to Photo Shoot - Christian Ricci in Elle UK May 2008

It is not only Madonna who appears in the May 2008 edition of Elle UK, Christina Ricci does as well.

She looks stunning wearing this Burberry Prorsum Spring 2008 dress in her editorial shot by Matthias Vriens.

Christina is a glamourous girl, but here is nothing glamourous about her latest role her latest film Penelope which is about a girl born with a pig nose, which also stars Reese Witherspoon and James McAvoy.

She explains that the moral of the story is all about looking beyond appearances to the person inside, and the reason she took the role, is because she thought it was a great message to give other young girls.

In her interview with Elle, Christina talked about weight loss, feeling comfortable in a bikini and her favourite designers.

On how to feel better about yourself: "Stop weighing yourself. I quit weighing myself and that really worked. All girls have body issues, I was no exception, except that I grew up famous."

On conquering her battle with her weight: "I did a combination of healthy eating, working out with a trainer three times a week - though ' I wind up cancelling once a week,' and not drinking alcohol. I'm too small to handle it and that helps keep some weight off."

On her only weakness: "Sweets. I do let myself have some, occasionally".
On keeping a level headed about staying in shape: "If you're obsessed with how you look in your bikini, you're not going to have much fun at the beach".

On her favourite designer Givenchy, head designer Riccardo Tischi: "He is one of my favourite designers, his clothes fit so beautifully".

On her other favourite designer Versace: "Donatella Versace made me a fashion girl. She invited me to Couture in Paris and put me and my friend Sean up in The Ritz (to choose a dress to wear for the Golden Globes - she was nominated for The Opposite of Sex). I couldn't believe it. I met Liv Tyler, Kate Moss and Amber Valetta, and that's when I fell in love with fashion."

What's not to love?

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nice sexy blue outfit..

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