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Britney Spears' Bald Head

By Jackie

Here's what I think:

1) This girl is mentally ill. That is not an insult, but a statement of fact.

2) Her mother was in Louisiana while her daughter was very publicly going off the rails. I don't know what kind of support system Britney has outside of family, but it's not looking like a very helpful one. If ever a girl needed her mama, Britney needed hers to be there. (For all I know, her mother was on a very quick trip away and was otherwise always there for her daughter. But I do wonder who she left her grandkids with during this trip, because it's pretty clear their mother was in no state to care for them.)

3) She needs help.

4) Yeah, she WILL do anything for attention. It's called a cry for help.

5) There's not much about this situation that I find particularly hilarious. It's sad.

6) That said, there are many times (especially after a few years of home colouring jobs when I was a teenager) when I've contemplated shaving my head and starting all over again. I never did it, because I've never taken that many drugs, but I have thought about it.

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