Blogging Etiquette - an Apology ...

It seems I have been remiss in my efforts at blogging of late. I haven't been linking to all the sources of the images I have been using. No excuse other than I have a folder full of them and have not made a note of where they came from. I did not intend using them on my blog until I started a collection of posts called - Just Two Fabulous.... These posts seem to be very popular so I have continued with them. These images were originally for my reference only.

I apologise to any one of the sources not credited and only wish I could remember where they came from. I will endevour in future to make a note and am in the process of trying to find the source of any I have published.

Also I have had on my Flickr page a few images that I myself had not taken. I had not realised that all the images were supposed to be mine and had placed them in a set named - Things That Make Me Go Ooh. Always read the small print!

I have offended a fellow blogger by including one of their photographs and related it to colours that I love. This was not intentional as it came from that folder again. I have since removed any images that were not my own from Flickr and apologise for the error.
This image from Fatima Abdu

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