Beginner's Guide to Intimacy ...


Beginner's Guide to Intimacy ...
Beginner's Guide to Intimacy ...

Progressing into Intimacy
If two people click, there’s no other way but for the casual relationship of dating turn into something more serious like exclusivity. This opens the door for intimacy to enter your dating relationship and I’m not just talking about physical intimacy but rather the kind that brings you closer to a more solid and lasting union.

Discovering Intimacy
You will find the relationship fresh and sweet… and poignant. It, sometimes, is scary esp when you’ve been so used to just taking care of yourself, however, you’ll soon realise that this area of companionship brings a certain feeling of belongingness that you can’t find nowhere else.

**Building Intimacy**
Listen. She will tell you secrets. She will tell you her problems. She will share her life’s story with you. She will talk about her dreams.

Accept. He will show you a side of him that no one else (or a select few perhaps) knows about him.

Trust. He will open himself to vulnerability like you would.

Ruining Intimacy
Judging. He seeks acceptance and assurance not “I-told-you-so” sermons.

Nonchalance. She seeks attention and care.

Overbearing. The relationship is about mutual growth and a teacher-student or “acting like a mum” can limit the honesty and candidness that true closeness offers.

Flippancy. Every individual have varying takes on the intensity of a situation or emotion. Each should respect the other and avoid dismissing something that, on your standards, you consider simple and irrelevant.

Embracing Intimacy
You will see the other’s weakness. You will celebrate each other’s strengths. Cry if you need to. Rejoice if you must. Intimacy is about giving more of yourself to the other, somewhat filling in what he or she lacks. Intimacy will enrich your character, your relationship and your outlook in life. It’s always a good thing, intimacy. It’s the tipping point in your relationship.

Be glad that you have it. Ask yourself why, if you don’t.

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