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What: Bring out your inner Beyonce (with a little help from the hair fairy). Everyone is doing it!

What the experts say: Be caught with your own hair? Are you kidding? Says the December 2007 issue of Vogue: “Nobody wears their own hair anymore. Permanent extensions are running rampant.”

What we say: Fake nails, fake lips, fake boobs…it was only a matter of time before phony hair followed suit. If you’re looking to add extra oomph to your locks for special occasions, than properly matched pieces can make a glamorous impact. It’s when you won’t run to the store for milk without your counterfeit fro in place that you might have some personal issues to deal with. There are a couple ways to go for extensions. Permanent ones are done in a salon and cost $350 and upward. They take several hours to do and require weekly maintenance. If you don’t, dirty, oily buildup forms, the bond that holds the pieces in, turns into sticky little balls, it weighs your hair down, and the stress on your scalp damages your follicles. Sound fun? A better option is to find some quality clip-in extensions. Garland Drake offers free samples to match up your hair color before purchasing. Another thing to keep in mind: Synthetic is less expensive and easier to work with than real hair extensions. However, they don’t take color, heat styling or hairspray.

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