9 Astounding Hyperrealist Paintings ...

Hyperrealism, according to Wikipedia is "a genre of painting and sculpture resembling a high-resolution photograph." People who are experts of this genre are simply amazing; what I find incredibly impressive, however, are the painters. I can look at the following astounding hyperrealist paintings for days and still maintain that they are photos.

1. Trinity

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This is an acrylic on canvas painting by the talented Jason de Graaf. Ridiculous, right? In my head, this is a photo of three strawberries, not a painting. Jason has done a lot of equally fantastic still life hyperrealist paintings but this is my favorite.

2. Colori E Sentieri

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While there are astounding hyperrealist paintings of people and buildings, those of fruits truly capture my eye. This particular painting, for instance, is a perfect example. This is by Robert Bernardi and is an oil on canvas. Unbelievable.

3. Dolce Profumo

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I was not kidding about the astounding hyperrealist paintings of fruits, you know. This one is by Luigi Benedicenti, an Italian hyperrealist artist who is just incredibly good at painting the yummiest-looking food. If you Google his name, the next thing you will feel is hunger. Trust me.

4. Don't Shed No Tears

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Yes, that's a painting. Denis Peterson is one of the most talented hyperrealist painters today. His works have been displayed in many top museums in America. The acrylic painting above is one of my favorites from this amazing artist.

5. Il Custode

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This is by the amazing Chiara Albertoni. I love this because not only it is beautifully executed, the fact that it is a monochromatic painting makes it even more interesting. Check out her works because they are all fascinating.

6. Hypnogogia

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This is an oil on linen painting by Damian Loeb. Damian is a self-taught painter and currently lives in New York. His nude paintings are fantastic but my favorites are his works on cityscapes and the peeking sun above.

7. Target Practice

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Steve Mills has a good number of astounding hyperrealist paintings of glass. I can't decide if this is my absolute favorite or the one called "The Tip." They're both so good! Today, I decided to give you "Target Practice" so that you'll have an idea how brilliant Steve Mills is.

8. Tartufata

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I'm sorry, I just had to include another painting by Luigi Benedicenti. This is called Tartufata and it makes me forget my "sugar is evil" mantra faster than you can say drool. This is one of the artist's latest works.

9. Untitled

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Nope, that's not a photo either. This still life is by Pedro Campos. He is ridiculously talented, you have no idea. His paintings of fruits are particularly good but he also does fantastic work painting glass. If you get a chance to catch one of his exhibitions, you should not miss it for the world.

So are these amazing or what? There are many more astounding hyperrealist paintings out there by these talented people and their peers. If you want a night of art appreciation involving jaw-dropping and eye-popping skills, I suggest that you check out this genre in art.

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