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Archos PMP - That's Portable Media Player to the Uninitiated

By SaraKalmus

Attention everyone! There's another new abbreviation to learn! I don't think it's entirely new, actually, but I didn't know it and I work for a technology website, so chances are you don't either. Hands up anyone who can tell me what a PMP is. Anyone? No, no, you're thinking of PMS. That's quite different. A PMP is a Personal Media Player, as exemplified here by Archos.

The latest Archos 704 WiFi PMPs are available in 40GB and 80GB versions. Both have WiFi capability and a 7-inch touch-sensitive widescreen display.The 80GB version can store up to 100 movies, 40,000 songs or 800,000 photos, although what I'd ever do with so much media is beyond me. It connects wirelessly to your PC so you can upload everything on your hard drive and access movies and music all around the home. It also plays with the TV and cable box so you can view things on a bigger screen as well as record straight from Sky. The ARCHOS 704 WiFi supports all video download formats and will be available from the end of April.

Product Page, £399.99 (80GB) and £329.99 (40GB)
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