Apple Scented Opportunities ...


Apple Scented Opportunities ...
Apple Scented Opportunities ...

Last weekend in London I passed by a L'Occitane shop and got a fleeting glance of what looked like new products in the window. Could this be? Regular readers of this blog will know that as a diehard user of the Amande Shower Oil and other goodies, I watch this brand like a hawk. There couldn't possibly be something new I didn't know about.

But alas, there it was - the new Amande Pomme (Almond Apple) range, consisting of Velvet Concentrate, Sweet Peel, Cleansing Oil (for face!), and Toning Cider. I sampled, I sniffed, I stood there slackjawed.

Me: "This is new I have not seen it in the US how could this be I know EVERYTHING about L'Occitane but I have not seen this and the Amande range is my favorite and now it is even better with Apple and it SMELLS LIKE SPRING"

My travel companion: "Well do you want to get it?"

Me: "Huh?"

Travel companion: "DO YOU WANT TO GET IT?"

Me: "Oh! No. The prices in pounds are way too high. US dollar is weak!"


And then there was the moment when I realized that with my luck, these goodies probably weren't even available in the US yet. So upon returning home I quickly dashed off to the L'Occitane website in search of Amande Pomme. And couldn't find it. After reminding myself to breathe I got it together and did the obvious - used the search box! And there it was . For your convenience, my dears:

**Almond Apple Velvet Concentrate**
**Almond Apple Sweet Peel**
**Almond Apple Toning Cider**

**Almond Apple Cleansing Oil**

And if you buy **the Sweet Peel, Cleansing Oil and Velvet Concentrate together**, you'll save $16 and score a free mini Amande Shower Oil and mini Amande Delicious Paste.

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