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Angelina Jolie Wants 14 Children

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Angelina Jolie was on The Daily Show with John Stewart yesterday and when asked how many children she'd like to have she responded:

"It fluctuates between seven and 13 or 14."

She was also asked about the Fox News story claiming she had asked the press to sign a contract before interviewing her, and she said it was put together by her lawyer and she had no idea it was going out.

"There was a memo that went out to ask people if they would sign it that said, 'Don't get into personal questions, focus on the movie,' and things like that," Jolie explained. "It was from my representative trying to be protective of me, but it was excessive and I wouldn't have put it out there."

And then when she was asked about renaming her 3-year-old adopted son, Pax Thien, she said it was because her mother suggested the name before her death from ovarian cancer.

"My mom wrote a list of names when we were going to have Shiloh. One of the names that she suggested was Pax because it meant peace. [But] he's anything but at the moment."

So pretty much every problem I had with Angelina Jolie isn't even a problem anymore. How is it possible she can be so perfect? I guess I can take some satisfaction in knowing that she's dating Wyatt Earp. Seriously, what the hell is Brad Pitt wearing? I understand getting dressed up for a premiere, but he looks like he should be slapping people in the face with a white glove or performing magic.

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