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Angelina Jolie amp Her 'lies' ...

By popbytes

good morning! this week's **STAR** magazine hops back on the brangelina express featuring angelina jolie's supposed lies about a number of things including her future with brad pitt - we all know by now i'm huge fan of ms. jolie so i'm seeing this cover as just a way to induce drama and sell magazines - people still love to read all about the trials & tribulations of mr. pitt, ms. jolie, & ms. aniston! in other stories we've got the scoop on britney spears' new plumped up lips - i don't know why she went and did that - it looks so obvious and her lips were fine the way they were - she has other things to to worry about besides her lips! above brit there's lindsay lohan who they're claiming had shock treatments in utah - whatever she did in rehab - let's hope she manages to hold herself together - she has been looking great these days but i'm sure there'll be more drama down the road for ms. lohan!

the last story on the cover claims that ellen degeneres is splitting up with her girlfriend portia di rossi - which i really hope isn't true - i think they make a great couple! i'm curious to see what the magazine has to say about their rumored relationship drama - and they've also got more information on that whole doggie adoption drama - what a messy situation that turned into! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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