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This is the day and age when someone who is young and impressionable gets to experience information overload. Media, regardless of the format, tells you where you should shop, what you should eat, what to drink, what clothes and shoes to wear, and what trends you need to look out for. On top of all that, there are many websites, shows, magazines, and books that try to tell you what to think and how to act. For the young and impressionable, it can be easy to lose yourself, your opinions, and even your own style. Luckily, there are simple ways for you to stay true to yourself.

1. Know Yourself

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You are always changing and evolving. Who you are today may not be the same person in six months time. It is important for you to take time to sit down and reflect. Listen to yourself and get to know who you are and what your beliefs are. If you know who you are, then it is easier to stay true to yourself.

2. Stick to Your Guns

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Not everyone will share your opinions and beliefs so it is important not be easily swayed. You need to stick to your guns and fight for what you believe in. If something doesn’t sit right with you, change the situation or get out. You should live by your truths and not by anyone else’s. When you start to feel self-doubt, you can go back to your truths and beliefs to be center yourself again.

3. Be like the Sword of Gryffindor

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If you haven’t seen Harry Potter, then let me fill you in. The sword of Gryffindor only imbibes that which makes it stronger. You should be like this sword and only absorb what you think will make you a stronger person. You should know how to deliberate and edit your personal truths so that they are in sync with your goals and your passions.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Your Mind

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I know that growing up, your parents try to teach you what they know and believe. There is also the media bombarding you with tons of information. As you gain your own consciousness, you will slowly form your own ideas and opinions. Don’t be afraid to speak up even when you think others will not agree or understand. Don’t suppress your voice; let yourself be heard.

5. Embrace Your Passion

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Money is an important thing in capitalist countries so it is an obvious factor to consider when looking for work. However, if you always focus on the money, you can lose great opportunities to embrace your personal passion. If you want to stay true to yourself, you have to stick to what you love. Do meaningful work that sparks excitement and passion in you.

6. Own Your Beauty

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Looks and body shape can be influenced by so many things such as genetics, race, and grooming. Genetics and race are things you cannot control but grooming is something you can. You may look different from other women but don’t think less of your beauty. Own it and use proper grooming to make sure you look your personal best. You can also use make up and your clothes to accentuate your assets.

7. Wear What You Want

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It is perfectly fine if your fashion style does not fit into any category. It is okay if you do not keep up with all the trends or your clothes do not have brands. The important thing is to wear what you want and what you can afford. It is your body so make sure that your clothes make you feel happy, comfortable, and confident.

8. Be with People Who Love You

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It can be hard to stay true to yourself when there are a lot people who always question and try to change you. The thing is, you can’t be completely devoid of these people. To combat their effects, you should try to surround yourself with people who love you for who you are. Be with people who value your true self. These loving people reinforce your love and respect for yourself, helping you stay true in the midst of doubt.

9. Live Simply

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Sometimes, material possessions fill up our lives, leaving almost no room for our true selves. This is not for everyone but living simply, keeping only the things you truly need, can help center your spirit and make you more aware of yourself. When you take away preoccupation with things, self-discovery and awareness can be achieved.

It dawned on me that so many people end up going through life dazed and confused because they fail to get to know themselves. What you have to realize is that is you have to stay true to yourself, your passions, and your life philosophy. You have to get to know the β€œyou” that has been developing after all these years. A lot of people have probably already learned the lessons in this post but I am sure that many others still have to learn them. I hope that these tips will help you, our dear readers, live a true and fulfilled life.

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