9 Great Skin-Care Finds for Winter ...

Winter’s coming, and with the colder weather, and drier air, you can count on dry, itchy winter skin. But don’t fret — there’s hope for winter skin, without breaking the bank (or leaving immediately for Florida). Here are 9 great skin-care finds for winter, all within budget!

1. Philosophy when Hope is Not Enough

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Price: $38.00 at philosophy.com
This is hands-down m all time favorite winter time skin care product. It’s a firming serum, to be used after morning cleansing. Just a five or six drops of this magical serum, rubbed together in your palms then applied to your skin (either under or instead of moisturizer) will give you a smooth, gorgeous glow all winter long! It’s worth every penny. My only complaint is that the little eye-dropper always breaks towards the end of the bottle, making it a little frustrating to get the last few precious drops out…

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