8 Hilarious Office Supplies ...

I spent nearly 20 years working in offices, enslaved in a cubicle or on a desk farm, toiling away under fluorescent lights with fake plastic trees. It was wildly dull, but between my friends and I, we managed to make each day bearable, and sometimes, even hilarious. And that was before we had humorous office supplies at our disposal! But you, my lovely office drone, have an advantage β€” now, there are office supplies that can help you make every workday a little more fun. Here are 8 hilarious office supplies…

1. Get the Hint Stickies

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Price: $6.00 at urbanoutfitters.com
Get your point across in the simplest of terms with these funny sticky tags, ideal for adding to all of the documents that require your opinion. This set of stickies features popular SMS terms, from an encouraging LOL to a much more serious WTF or FML. There are 20 sheets per pad, with six SMS expressions on each.

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