7 Ways to Refresh Yourself at Work ...

It’s near the end of your work day and you still have several things left to do. But then that tired feeling hits you. You feel sleepy, sluggish, bored, and unmotivated; you don’t feel like doing anything. You can slack off until the end of your day or you can try to restore enough energy to get your through the last couple of hours. If you choose to do the latter, then try these seven ways to refresh yourself at work.

1. Drink Water

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Drink water throughout the day to keep you alert. If you feel drained of energy, reach for a cool glass of water to fill you with a fresh feeling that can help revive your mind and body.

2. Have a Conversation

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I don’t mean you should gossip or engage in idle chatter. Have a mentally stimulating conversation with a friend who doesn’t have anything to do or is feeling the same way as you. A good conversation can help awaken your brain and can motivate you to start working.

3. Breathing Exercises

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Breathing exercises calm the mind and body. There are many breathing exercises on the internet that you can try. One easy breathing exercise is belly breathing. Inhale deeply, allowing your belly to expand without moving your chest. Exhale through pursed lips, deflating your belly. Do the belly breathing exercise 3 to 10 times.

4. Meditate

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Your body might feel tired and sluggish from the overstimulation of your brain and body. Relax your senses by doing a short meditation during downtime. Close your eyes and clear your head. Allow thoughts to passively enter and exit your mind.

5. Take a Walk

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Taking a walking break around the office can promote proper blood circulation. A walk can clear your head and invigorate your body. The short physical exercise helps you feel more awake and ready to work.

6. Stretch

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Stretching can do a world of good for your body. It loosens your muscles, opens up your lungs and chest, and it can also help you feel more energized. Try to do a variety of stretches depending on the parts of your body that feel cramped.

7. Power Nap

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I am, by no means, telling you that it’s alright to slack off at work. But try to take a power nap of 20 minutes or less during a particularly sluggish afternoon. That is enough time to rest your body and clear your head.

Despite having a good night’s sleep, sometimes you just can’t help but feel tired toward the end of a hectic day. That feeling is just a result of constant stress, mental overload, and incorrect posture. You don’t have to feel like an idler during these moments. Taking a break is necessary and you should honor that need. Just don’t forget to finish your day with a sense of accomplishment that comes from finishing your day’s work.

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