7 Types of Women I Find Quite Annoying ...

Irritating types of personalities can be found in both male and female forms but I have to say that I’ve met my fair share of pretty strange persons that were all females. These pieces of work present themselves as close friends and expect you’re going be spending an awful lot of time with them. The strangest thing about them is that they seem quite normal at, before you know it, you’re stuck with an irritating person you can’t have a decent conversation with. These are the most frequent types of those annoying females I’ve had the “luck” to meet:

1. Compliment Junkies

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Photo Credit:Bill Cammack

A compliment junkie always finds something to complain about hoping that you’ll say, “Oh, come on, don’t be silly, you look great!” I mean, if I spend two hours fixing my hair, I definitely don’t plan on going around saying how it looks terrible just so somebody would feel sorry for me and give me a compliment. These girls complain about the most ridiculous things, in the most ridiculous time – they will insist on the fact that their hair is dirty, even if you can clearly tell that same hair has been washed less than 6 hours ago. They will show up all dressed up saying how they probably look like a mess because they’ve grabbed the first thing out of the closet. Now, this can be quite annoying, at least in my opinion. I used to try to prove them they are wrong but nowadays I just say, “Oh, don’t worry, sweetie, it’s going to better next time” and, believe it or not, this little evil trick works.

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