7 Things to do when It’s Snowing out …


There’s no reason to get all worked up when it starts snowing outdoors. Enjoy it! Whether you go outside or find something to do indoors is up to you. Here are some suggestions for 7 things to do when it’s snowing out. If you aren’t the outdoor type, then go for the indoor suggestions and vice versus. Some days I find that I end up doing a little bit of both. Maybe you’ll find something on this list you can keep in mind for the next snowy day you experience.

7. Build a Snowman

I live in the south and fortunately every time it snows it’s damp enough that it’s easy to make a snowman. Even the smallest amount of snow can be scraped together and formed into a cute little snowman that I can set on the railing outside the kitchen window. Sure there might be bits of grass packed into the snow, due to the weak snowfalls down here, but even my grass laden snow being brings a smile to those who see him.

Have a Snowball Fight
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