7 Technologies I Refuse to Use ...

I’m no techno-phobe, but I have to admit that there are some technologies that either weird me out (like web cams) or make me wonder why I need them (like e-calendars). It’s not that I don’t understand them, and it’s not that my friends haven’t tried, several times, to sell me on their various charms. In spite of their constant teasing and cajoling, here are 7 technologies I refuse to use…

1. E-calendars

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Photo Credit: Damon Duncan

I love my spiral-bound day planner by Paperchase, and I can’t imagine using a calendar on my computer, or worse, on my phone, instead. I find it so much easier to just write down m plans, rather than opening an app or a program and typing everything in. Besides, you can’t use stickers or pretty color pens unless you use a paper calendar or planner!

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