7 Steps to Fight Your Cravings ...

Cravings are a nightmare. Whether you are dieting or just trying to eat healthier, if you are denying your body something, it will certainly let you know that it wants it! Just one temptation too much, though, and you could unravel your diet completely. Uh! Well, there is a new strategy which is designed to conquer any craving, and I’ve been testing it...

1. Delay

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One of the worst things about cravings is not knowing if you are actually hungry, or if it’s thirst or boredom or something completely different. Well, that’s the thinking behind this step. Waiting it out means that if it’s not a real hunger, and will just pass, you won’t fall for it! Have a look at the time, and see if you are still hungry in half an hour, or if the feeling has completely passed. You’ll probably be surprised!

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