7 Reasons Why I Love Target ...


I'll be honest: for better or for worse, I used to shop primarily at Walmart. Or, rather, I used to shop at the Super Walmart – but that was way back in the Detroit days. Upon moving to Massachusetts, I discovered an astonishing (and yet somehow refreshing) oddity: there are no Super Walmarts in the whole state! What? Where am I going to find shoes and food and cookware and lamps all under one roof? The answer is Target. MA does love its Target Stores, and here are 7 reasons I've come to love Target, too.

1. Affordable Prices

Target and Walmart are pretty even when it comes to prices, but I don't know, on some things, Target is even cheaper. That's a primary reason I shop there, because who doesn't love saving money? And the best part is that Target's prices are competitive all the time, so you never have to spend a lot, no matter what you're there to buy.

Awesome Sales
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