13 Reasons Bald Men Are Sexy ...


I’m married to a guy who intentionally shaves his head, due to his receding hair line and the fact that he has a few more gray hairs than he’d like! I’ve always thought a shaved head looked extremely sexy on guys. I also like how more and more men are resorting to simply shaving their head instead of fighting baldness with the dreaded comb over or a horrible toupee. Here are 13 reasons bald men are sexy. See what you think!

1. A Smooth Shaven Head Makes a Man Appear Tidier

No bed head in the morning either! Bald men can roll out of bed and look sexy in whatever they put on, since they don’t have to worry about their hair sticking up at random angles all over their head. This tidiness carries on throughout the day as well. There’s no sweaty hair plastered to a bald man’s head when he finishes running a mile or after working outside on the hottest day of the year.

Bald Men Look Manlier
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