7 Places to Avoid when Traveling with Kids ...


7 Places to Avoid when Traveling with Kids ...
7 Places to Avoid when Traveling with Kids ...

I have 7 places to avoid when traveling with kids. If you plan on traveling, then you should make a plan of the route you will be taking. Kids are vulnerable and you as a parent has a job to protect them. Below, I am going to give you my list.

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The Bar

The Bar Photo Credit: Digital Agent

Of course, some people go to bars when they are traveling. If you are traveling, then you need to avoid going to the bar. Besides, you have children with you, why would you want to go to a bar?


The Side of the Road

The Side of the Road Photo Credit: ry-o-vision

I know, sometimes it is hard to avoid this one, but before you start to travel, have your car inspected. Get your oil changed and have your tires checked. Do everything you can to avoid sitting on the side of the road. Sitting on the side of the road with kids is no fun.


Rest Stops

When I say rest stops, I mean sleeping in your car in one, like truck drivers do. Sleeping in the car is not something you should do with children. I don’t know why, but sleeping at a rest stop with kids just doesn’t sound right. Check into a hotel or motel instead.


A Rundown Motel

A Rundown Motel Photo Credit: Great Beyond

Yes, there are some motels out there that are pretty rundown and you should avoid going to those if you have children. Some of them may not be safe. Try booking your motel online and reading reviews beforehand or looking at it before you get one for the night. Usually, just by the looks, you can tell when something is going to be rundown inside.


The Woods

The Woods Photo Credit: Devon Snapper

Sure, going on a camping trip is fine, but going out in the middle of nowhere into the woods where there will be no campgrounds is dangerous. At least it is with young kids. I am talking about kids between the ages of newborn to seven years old. The woods is not a place for them.


The Cemetery at Night

The Cemetery at Night Photo Credit: hbomb1947 the turnstile-jumper

Perhaps on the way to your destination, you want to stop in and visit a loved one’s grave. If it is dark, then you may not want to stop there. Bad people tend to lurk around the cemetery at night. No matter how slim the chances are of running across a bad person, you should definitely avoid it, especially with children in the car.


An Abandoned Building

I don’t think you have any business going to an abandoned building anyways, even if you are the owner. This is something you should do without your children, because you do not know what is lurking in the abandoned building. Your kid could get bitten by a snake, spider, an animal with rabies or something else.

I’m sorry to sound so hard or protective, but young kids do not belong in these places. Soon, I’m going to write a blog and tell you safe places for kids. In the meantime, could you tell me some other dangerous places for kids? When I say kids, I’m talking about younger kids who can barely walk.

Top Photo Credit: Reece Leung

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