7 Phrases I Cordially Detest ...

There are some phrases that I just hate to hear. They make me inwardly cringe – but I outwardly smile, because I cordially, rather than maliciously, detest them! Meaning, I don't dislike the people who use them, and I would never, ever presume to tell them to stop. I do, however, go around and write blogs about the 7 phrases I cordially detest – so I can keep hearing them and smiling!

1. “It's My World, Everyone else is Just Living in It.”

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Really? Really? I am hearing way too many girls saying this lately, as well, girls in their teens, late teens, and early twenties, yes, but when I start hearing it from thirtysomethings, and they're totally not kidding about it, I'm like, “what?” I am not living in your world. If perchance I was somehow forced to live in your world, I would probably take my ball and go home, or else jump on that whole bandwagon of people who want to live on the moon.

2. “I'm __ Years Young!”

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I have massive amounts of respect for people who don't feel their age, and who do not let their ages dictate the way they feel. I think that's great. But to say that you are “years young” instead of “years old” is kitschy enough to make my teeth clench. I don't even know why, but I suspect it has something to do with all the old ladies who used to pinch my cheeks when I was a wee slip of a lass going to Sunday school. I'm glad you feel young, but you are not growing backwards.

3. “There's No Time like the Present.”

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This phrase just irks me because it's … well, it's redundant, really. I mean, honestly? No, there's no time like the present, because we are in the present. There is no other time like it. The future is not like the present because it hasn't happened yet. The past is not like the present because it's already happened. So thank you for clearing that up.

4. “That's so Gay.”

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You don't hear this phrase much anymore but I still hate it when I do. I don't go off on rants about how saying it creates even more negative connotations surrounding sexuality because I understand what it means. I do. And honestly, I remember saying it in high school, because back in the late '90s, it was just something you said. I know that, nine times out of ten, it's not at all malicious – but that doesn't make me like it.

5. “I Wake up in the Morning Feeling like P. Diddy!”

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Ugh. I get quoting song lyrics. I understand that sometimes song lyrics become popular catchphrases – or, worse, memes. However, this one just kills me. The song kills me too, but whatever, it's a dance beat, it's not supposed to make sense. Hearing anyone actually say it, though … but what does that mean? In what way do you feel like P. Diddy? Do you wake up that way every morning? Why? Did you dream you were Diddy? I don't understand.

6. “I'm Gonna do Me.”

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I only dislike this phrase because I have a dirty mind. It just sounds … wrong. Congratulations, I think it is fantastic that you are going to be yourself and no worry about what people think of you! But when you say you're gonna do you, I'm sorry, I think you're giving me TMI and you're just going to go home and do … things … with yourself.

7. “Facebook Me!”

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I hear this in restaurants and malls and bars and in the grocery store, even, when new people meet. I understand no one really calls or even emails anymore. That's cool. I don't mind hearing “Text me!” either because “text” has become an acceptable verb. But, like #6, “Facebook me” just sounds kind of dirty. Like Facebook is a euphemism for something else.

I'm weird. I love the English language, and loving it means that sometimes I nag it and get nitpicky, like when my mom used to lick a tissue and then wipe dirt off my face or something. Someone out there has to be with me though. Are there any phrases or words you just can't stand?

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