7 Must Read Chick-Lit Novels ...

Sometimes all you want to do is read a really great chick-lit novel. Let me be up front from the beginning, though: my idea of chick-lit is a little bit eclectic. If it makes me laugh, cry, and feel empowered, if I can identify with the characters and read the book over and over again, I'm in. That being said, here's my top 7 list containing the chick-lit novels I love best.

1. Jemima J, by Jane Green

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The tale of an overweight woman with an enormous crush on an unattainable friend and her journey to lose weight, get fit, fall in love, and finally find her happily-ever-after, this goes so much deeper than the standard Cinderella story. On the surface it is a light and frothy read, but its messages about self acceptance (and self hate), passion versus love, friendship versus lust, and the dangers of obsession take it far deeper. The characters can get a little two dimensional and many of the plot twists are extremely out there, but this work definitely speaks to every woman who has ever felt like an ugly duckling.

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