7 Most Unusual Proposal Ideas ...

I don’t like the normal old proposal ideas. I have never been the type of person who likes being normal. I like things that are unique. Asking someone to marry you is a big step in life and you need t make sure you are ready to take that step. Once you decide to take that step, you should try one of my 7 most unusual proposal ideas …

7. The Tech World

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Call me a dork, nerd or whatever you want – but I like this idea, even if you girls make fun of it. In a game, such as World of Warcraft (if the two of you play together), make it where your character gets down on his knees and then type out β€œwill you marry me.” Sounds obsessive? Going to start in about WoW addictions? Don’t waste your time– just skip to the next ones, they have nothing to do with games. This one was for gamers.

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