7 Most Annoying Things about Facebook ...

Melanie's recent post on annoying Facebook users inspired me to vent about the particular aspects of the networking site that drive me crazy. I resisted using Facebook for the longest time and now I'm as hooked as the millions of other users. Still, a lot of things about the site wear on my nerves; these are the top 7 things I find most annoying.

1. Inappropriate Suggestions

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Photo Credit: Mr. Austin Frothingslosh

I'm not even talking about suggestions to befriend complete strangers. I'm talking about the uncanny ability Facebook has to suggest the most inappropriate people from your past. For instance, Facebook recently suggested this guy I knew when I was very young and very stupid. I was very, very infatuated with him for something like six years before realizing he was an awful, awful person to crush on – and now, suddenly, bam! He's friends with my entire family and Facebook thinks we need to be friends too. That's about as fun as seeing my exes faces pop up over there.

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