7 Great Lip Balms with SPF for Summer ...

Most of us wear lip balm alone or under our gloss all winter long, but don’t forget to wear it in the summer, too! You want to keep your lips looking and feeling their best, and a good summer lip balm is the way to do it! And did you know most summer lip balms have the added attraction of SPF, so you can look good and protect your delicate lips? If you’re looking for a lip balm for the summer, here’s my list of 7 of them, all with added SPF…

1. Aveda Lip Saver with SPF 15

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Price: $8.50 at aveda.com
This is my favorite lip balm for summer, not just because of the added SPF protection, but because it’s so silky and it feels so lush! It also tingles a little when you slide it on, from the anise and clove oils. This lip balm also lasts a long time, so you’re not reapplying it every 10 minutes!

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