7 Foods to Cook on the Grill ...

It's time to fire up that grill and start cooking! When it comes to grilling and finding the right foods to grill, you might be wondering what to cook. You might consider certain type of meat, but meat is not the only thing that can be grilled. Let me tell you my top 7 foods to cook on the grill during anytime of the year.

7. Ribeye Steak

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Steak is one of the top foods to cook on the grill and my choice was the ribeye. This particular cut of meat is just like a T-bone cut, but without the bone. It's one of the best cuts for beef. Before you consider this to be grilled, you need to pick the best store to buy it from. Choose the right beef and cut, you will be for sure getting a juicy steak. You can make a garlic sauce ribeye or even use a certain spice. These steaks cook the best I say.

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