7 Festive Holiday Cards to Send ...

I love sending holiday cards to friends and family, but every year, it gets to be more and more of a hassle. Who has the time to write a message in each one, address them all, and mail them out? This year, Hallmark introduced a helpful service β€” you buy the cards, choose the sentiment inside, and Hallmark will print, address, stamp and mail them for you. With just a few clicks of your mouse, your holiday cards will be off your to-do list and in the mail! But which card should you choose? There are so many! Here are 7 festive holiday cards to send… the ones I like best.

1. Red Flourish

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Price: $4.29 at hallmark.com
This 5 x 7 holiday card can be personalized with your family name on the front and any message you’d like on the inside. I love the modern design and the gorgeous shimmery red foil. If you don’t like the red, no worries β€” the same design is available in other colors, too.

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