7 Facts about Pit Bulls …


There are so many myths about pit bulls, such as they have lockjaws. This is certainly not true! I have been working on a site that is full of pit bull myths: pitbulllove.yolasite.com. Do you see the main picture posted? That is my dog, Copper, and he is very sweet. Their jaws do not lock, they have the same jaws of any other dog. I understand that by writing this blog post, I am probably opening myself up to some rude remarks, but that is fine. Everyone is titled to their own opinion. However, what I have here is not opinion, this is 7 FACTS about pit bulls and we cannot argue with things that have been proven…

7. Pit Bulls Are Used as Therapy Dogs

Pit Bulls Are Used as Therapy Dogs

Photo Credit: lover1969

It is common to find a pit bull being used as a common therapy dog. Whether they are helping someone recover from an accident or visiting a senior care center, they are making their mark as being outstanding therapy dogs. You can’t argue with this one.

Pit Bulls Are Used for Search and Rescue Work
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