7 Cool Pens That I Always Use ...

As a writer, you'd think that I go through a lot of pens. That's true … and not so true. I get kind of obsessive about pens. If I find one that feels good in my fingers and eases writer's cramp, I keep buying it. If I find one that makes a really beautiful script, I stick with it. If I write something really good using a certain pen, I superstitiously keep buying refills for it and refuse to get rid of it. These are 7 cool pens that I always use for various types of writing. I love these guys!

1. X750 Vertrag Fountain Pen

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Price: $14.95 at amazon.com
I love fountain pens, but I'm really picky about which ones I use. Some of them are so messy, the lines they make are blurry or fuzzy, and they're just awful. Although I am all about saving money, with a fountain pen, sometimes the most expensive choice is best – although my favorite among them happens to be on sale at Amazon right now, so that's cool!

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