7 Books Your Man Will Love ...


My boyfriend and I recently bought a set of bookcases from IKEA, and after the six hours it took us to assemble them, our biggest task now is filling them. Of course, my shelves on the bookcases are crammed with books, but his shelves are nearly bare… so it’s time to find some books for him, books he’ll want to read, books that aren’t all written by Jon Krakauer. Here are 7 books any guy will love!

1. “How to” by Jennifer McKnight-Trontz

“How to” by Jennifer McKnight-Trontz

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Wondering how to take a pulse, slice a ham, build a campfire, serve overhand in tennis, or use a fire extinguisher? This book has all the instructions, all using simple retro-style drawings that make it all oh-so-clear and simple. This would be an ideal book for the guy who’s always prepared, or just wants to feel like he knows everything.

“the Artists in the Office” by Summer Pierre
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