7 Books I Would like to Read ...

I’d have to say that reading is my second favorite thing to do. I usually happen upon many good books by roaming through the library and picking up novels with interesting covers. There are a few books my grandmother passes on to me that are excellent reads as well. These 7 books I would like to read were chosen from a handful of book reviews I recently read.

7. Perfect by Natasha Friend

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I often find books dealing with personal pain and suffering to be rather difficult to read. However, this book sounds like it supplies a more witty approach to the often touchy subject of bulimia. The main character is named Isabella. Her mom forces her to join a group designed for people with eating disorders. Isabella is bummed about going, but actually perks up a bit to find out that the β€˜leader’ of the most popular girls in school is going to the same group meeting.

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