7 Best Peep Toes for Fall ...

Now that Fall is in full… err, fall, you might not think that wearing peep toe shoes is an option. Oh, but it is! Seen on runways and in catalogs, open-toe shoes are styled with both dresses and jeans – dressed with short nylon socks or bright, knit tights. But whatever you do, do NOT wear sheer! There is no place for visible toe lines (VTL) in this weather, fashionistas. Here are the 7 best peep-toes for fall!

1. Steve Madden a-Eliska

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Price: $169.95 at stevemadden.com
These Pewter peep-toe boots project a serious disco image – without the need for nylon dresses or leisure suits. The ruched upper and high platform heel will match seamlessly with this season’s 70s-inspired wide leg pants. You’ll be dancing along (or staying alive) to the Bee Gees at any moment.

2. Kate Spade Bertie

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Price: $340.00 at zappos.com
Fall’s grey flannel is my go-to “return of the 90s” trend. Designed for comfort, the open-toed Bertie remains classically feminine, while totally trying to fit in to the underground music scene. Seattle grunge has got nothing on these Kate Spade pumps. But rip a couple holes in your jeans, just in case.

3. Sofft Shoes Raine

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Price: $109.00 at macys.com
Old glamour never goes out of style, which is why I swoon over these pewter patent leather Sofft Mary Jane heels. Timelessly moving your wardrobe from summer to fall, the studded façade gives your seasonal style a little edge in an otherwise well-established – dare I say, sophisticated – closet.

4. BCBGeneration Ariel

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Price: $79.00 at macys.com
Every red-hot lady needs a hot red heel. This ruby peep toe from BCBGeneration is as much Dorothy, as it is Oz. But perhaps I was caught off guard by all that sparkle. Easily wearable by most women, the low heel is approachable, yet sexy. The Ariel brings about an unobtrusive come-hitherness that would make even the Wizard blush.

5. Marc Fisher Tumble Peep Toes

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Price: $79.00 at macys.com
These hot peep toes from Marc Fisher are appropriately colored in “sand,” as to not break any “white after labor day” fashion rules. Cut out at just the right places, colored tights will be put on display with an unexpected vibrancy and some serious dominance. These platform pumps are just asking for a little oomph!

6. Marc Fisher Kerrie

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Price: $139.00 at macys.com
Kick up your heels, bootie queen! Great for fall, peep toe ankle boots are rocking out runways with a purpose. Mostly for fashion – I mean, what other reason do YOU need? The brown leather Marc Fisher Kerrie likes to keep a low profile; however, even with its studded upper, you will be noticed. Act accordingly.

7. Franco Sarto View

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Price: $89.00 at macys.com
I rarely meet a blue shoe that I didn’t like (ask my closet). Navy blue pumps are sassy, stylish AND classic. The View is my kind of shoe, and Franco Sarto wins out every time with a universal comfort not found with many heels. That chunky bottom makes city living – and walking – a stroll in the park. And I will remember to stay off the grass.

It is no longer a fashion faux pas to wear open-toed shoes in cooler seasons. I don’t know about you, but this, like, doubles my heel options for fall. Which peep toes will you be wearing when the leaves start to turn?

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