7 Best Peep Toes for Fall ...

Now that Fall is in fullโ€ฆ err, fall, you might not think that wearing peep toe shoes is an option. Oh, but it is! Seen on runways and in catalogs, open-toe shoes are styled with both dresses and jeans โ€“ dressed with short nylon socks or bright, knit tights. But whatever you do, do NOT wear sheer! There is no place for visible toe lines (VTL) in this weather, fashionistas. Here are the 7 best peep-toes for fall!

1. Steve Madden a-Eliska

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Price: $169.95 at stevemadden.com
These Pewter peep-toe boots project a serious disco image โ€“ without the need for nylon dresses or leisure suits. The ruched upper and high platform heel will match seamlessly with this seasonโ€™s 70s-inspired wide leg pants. Youโ€™ll be dancing along (or staying alive) to the Bee Gees at any moment.

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