7 Amazing Turntables ...

It’s sad, but true, Uncle Roger. Eight tracks are dead. But vinyl, though it’s taken a brief hiatus, is back, man, and ready to be enjoyed by a whole new generation of listeners, even the youngsters with their iPods and such. There’s a turntable for everyone, too, from those who demand portability to enjoy their tunes on the go, to people who want to move their vinyl to their laptop. Here are 7 amazing turntables that can do all of that… but I really can’t help with the eight tracks.

1. Crosley AV Room Portable USB Turntable

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Price: $160.00 at urbanoutfitters.com
Use this turntable to convert all of your vinyl to music you can port, play with, and share. It plays 7” and 12” albums at 33 1/3, 45, and 78 rpm, and connects to both Macs and PCs. It features adjustable tone, built-in speakers, and comes in a gorgeous retro-styled carrying case.

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