5 Heartwarming Hollywood Stories ...

Cute and funny stories about babies and parenthood are always awww-inducing. And when they are baby and parenthood stories of celebrities we know and love, they are even better. There is just something about Hollywood parents that make me smile (and even want a kid myself sometimes). Here are five of the most heartwarming stories I found last week.

1. A Girl for Seal and Heidi Klum

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Now this is going to be one incredibly beautiful baby girl. I love the way Heidi and Seal lavish love on their kids as much as I love to gape at the supermodel's dresses at every event she attends. I think I check every paparazzi photo of this family in the playground. And with the addition of a little girl, their playtime pictures will be a lot more interesting and cute!

Photo by: Flynet

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