5 Fool Proof Ways to save BIG on Textbooks ...


One of the biggest complaints I hear every semester is the rising cost of textbooks. Not only are they ridiculously overpriced, but the buyback rate is a pittance in comparison to what you originally paid. Multiply that by four or five classes and you are looking at a serious depletion to your bank account. What’s a girl to do? Follow these five steps to save big on your books.

1. Do Your Research

The first step to successful saving is to research your query BEFORE the buying frenzy of the fall or winter semesters begin. Universities usually give you the teachers name and email address the moment you register for the class or as soon as it becomes available. Take that opportunity to drop them a line, asking which books will be required for the class and what the ISBN numbers are. Newer editions of textbooks come out every couple of years so ask your teacher if an older edition is acceptable. If it is, you can usually get these at a much cheaper rate since older editions have no buyback value. than the newer ones since older editions have a buyback value of almost nothing.

Consider Your Situation
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