4 Ways to Prevent Getting a Cold ...

A healthy and strong immune system is your most important defence against catching a cold, flu, pneumonia, or any other contagious disease.

Harmful microbes, bacteria, and viruses are everywhere around and inside of us, yet only susceptible people, meaning those who have a weak or compromised immune system, are prone to developing frequent colds, inflammations, and infections. The following tips will help you strengthen your immunity and stay comfortably healthy when everybody around is sneezing and coughing:

1. Eat a healthy, traditional, and varied diet of meats, fish, dairy, lacto-fermented products, natural honey, and fresh fruit and vegetables in season. Do not use processed foods and try not to consume more than 100 grams of carbohydrates a day. As all microbe-induced diseases are fed on glucose in your blood and sugars in your digestive tract, a high-carbohydrate diet may be directly responsible for your susceptibility to frequent colds. Eat plenty of organic protein and animal fats, which will support the health of your immune system in periods of epidemics and stress.

2. Natural vitamin C is crucial to prevent getting a cold. Aim to eat daily a cup of organic berries (frozen in the winter), one lemon or orange, or a cup of homemade, unpasteurized sauerkraut - each would supply you with a required daily doze of this important vitamin. Do not drink commercial juices (in addition to very high sugar content, they usually have little vitamin C due to oxidation) and do not use synthetic forms of vitamin C (synthetic vitamins are poorly absorbed and โ€œforce-feedโ€ us with substances, which can be harmful to our health).

**3. Washing hands or using a hand sanitizer, **as well as applying other rules of hygiene, is always a good habit to develop. Also, in periods of epidemics, avoid being in large crowds and minimize your use of public buses. The Japanese wear facial masks to prevent contamination in public places - definitely a good idea, especially during flu pandemics.

4. Avoid using antibiotics** in creams or pills, unless you have a serious infection. Using unnecessary antibiotics on a frequent basis compromises health-promoting bacteria in your digestive tract and can make your body develop a resistance to them. In case you have caught a cold or flu, the best remedy is to rest, stay in a warm room, drink lots of liquids with lemon and a bit of honey, and allow you body to heal without applying to over-the-counter medications. Remember: harmless pharmaceutical drugs do not exist, no matter what you are being told by your favourite magazine articles, Internet blogs, or TV commercials. Agree to take a course of antibiotics only if you have developed a serious infection, such as pneumonia

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