4 Celebrity Jewelry Trends ...

With all the award shows going on over the last few months, there have been a ton of beautiful pieces of jewelry being displayed. There are so many trends going on right in terms of jewelry style, it’s hard to know what actually stylish to wear on a day-to-day basis or just for the occasional Hollywood award show we might go to. Here are 4 trends in celebrity jewelry that anyone can wear.

1. Drop Earrings

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Turn on any awards show and you will definitely see an array of earrings. It is rare than any female celebrity would be caught dead at a Hollywood premier or awards even with bare ears. But, the type of earring is really what sets her apart. The latest trend seems to be drop earrings. Now these types of earring really give an amazingly dramatic and sensuous look to formal wear – hence the popularity. Diamond earrings seem to be the most popular, but I’ve also spotted gold drop earrings on a few celebs at the Golden Globes and they are still equally as stunning.

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