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Strategic Petite Dressing

By DivaShop

If you're short, like me, you're always looking for ways to elongate your body to try and look taller. The following are some great ways to do just that.

• Choose a monochromatic outfit. Monochromatic doesn't necessarily mean boring. Mix different textures to keep it interesting (i.e. knits with leather)
• Add contrasting color or texture with a blazer, cardigan or overshirt.
• When you are petite (5'3" or under) you need to scale everything down: smaller prints, pockets, etc. so they don't overpower your figure.
• For vertical lines, leave your blazer or cardigan unbuttoned.
• Stripes should be vertical.
• Tie long scarves loosely with vertical dangling ends.
• Match your pantyhose color to your skirt , pant and shoe color.
• Avoid big belts, which will visually chop you in half.
• To add vertical lines, use long necklaces or pendants.
• Make sure your skirt is longer than it is wide.
• Try shoes with at least an inch heel: the taller the better. (Unless your clumsy, like me)
• Elongate your neck with V-necks.
• Don't wear all long items, Contrast your proportions. Wear a longer jacket with a shorter skirt or shorter jacket with pants, etc.

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