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I was really looking forward to Alexander Terekhov's Terexov show yesterday as (1) he trained at YSL, (2) he apparently doesn't speak a word of English.
The Clothes** Terekhov showed beautiful flowy gowns - there was not a single pant in the collection - in incredible colors. The gowns could have been hideous and I still would have loved them for the colors! The standouts were a soft greyish periwinkle, smokey taupe, gold that looked almost liquid on the runway, and a striking platinum.

Overall the collection had a very Old Hollywood vibe and it was easy to picture Rita Hayworth lounging on a chaise, looking glamorous in one of Terexov's designs.

Outstanding gowns included a black satin halter wrap dress that could be a staple in every woman's closet as it was glamorous but still easy; a black jersey gown with a plunging neckline accented with a brooch; and a white off the shoulder gown.

The Makeup** Terexov's models sported taupe shimmer eye shadow, with grey-white shimmer in the inner corners that extended to the lower lashline and nearly up to the brow, lending a somewhat celestial and otherworldly quality - perfect with the gowns.

Cheeks were neutral apricot and lips were a high-gloss nude. I really hope to see more shiny nude lips this week - the look is so much more wearable than the super-matte nude lips that seem to have overrun the shows lately.

The Hair Center parts with loose curls from the ends only about halfway up, and some loose updos.

The People It appeared that one of the MisShapes boys was there, but neither Julie nor I could remember which one he was!

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