149 Pictures from Milan Fashion Week - Spring-Summer 2010 ...

Ah! Milan Fashion Week….Sometimes I wish I lived in Italy to soak in all the fashion and be one with it. Well dreams aside, the Milan Fashion Week saw a wonderful amalgamation of bright colors, sheer fabric, ruffles, high heels, short hemlines (Yaay!) , a confirmation of the return of shoulder pads (Why God why!) and power suits….Here are some of the looks that walked down the ramp. Enjoy!

1. Seduzioni Diamonds Show

Trust Valeria Marini to sex up the runway! Her collection portrayed the right measure of feminine seduction without being over the top. A charming show for the most except for the part where supposedly a blood spattered model, Lucrezia collapsed on the catwalk as a gentleman on the frontrow rushed to her aid. Turns out it was all fake. But imagine how freaked out the onlookers must have been! Okay back to the collection, what girl does not love her sparkles! The sheer black piece looks divine! And while I love the floral print on the bathing suit, the metallic jacket is just not my style.The negligee with the tulle and the sparkly white swimwear are both gorgeous and I adore that Marylin Monroe tshirt. So cute and totally wearable!