13 Medicinal Herbs and Spices ...


The advancements in modern science have paved way for pharmaceutical companies to create medicines for various diseases and conditions. For the longest time, they have tried to convince people that their way is the most effective. However, in recent times, lay people and even some medical professionals are opening up their minds and are seeking alternative treatment methods. One of these alternative methods is herbal medicine, and it’s not as mystical as you might think it is. You probably even already have different medicinal herbs and spices in your kitchen. Read on to be informed.

1. Bay Leaf/Berry/Bark

Bay Leaf/Berry/Bark

Photo Credit: 3dphoto.net

The bay leaf, berry and bark have many medicinal uses. Bay is said to be useful in lowering blood sugar levels, improving digestion and appetite, relieving flatulence and diarrhea, and reducing gastrointestinal inflammation and infection. They can also be used to increase urine production and induce vomiting and sweating. The berries can be used as a remedy for fever, colds, asthma, and chronic bronchitis. They can also be used as a wound or ulcer dressing. Bay oil can be used to make ointments for bruises and sprains. The bark can be used to relieve toothache.

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