10 Tricks for Eating Less ...

With food joints everywhere, it seems people want to pig out. While driving down the road, all they have to do is pull into a restaurant. Fast food joints have made it so convenient by putting drive through windows. We are bombarded by advertisements on the radio, billboard, TV, magazines and newspapers. People claim they are staying slim and still eating bad food. When we go to restaurants, they give giant portions of food. It’s not just McDonald’s fries that are super-sized, food everywhere has become super-sized and unfortunately, so have the people. So, I have decided to give you 10 tricks for eating less…

10. Learn That You Are Officially Full before You Put down Your Fork or Spoon

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We all have a survival gene known as the thrifty gene. This encourages us to continue shoving food in our mouth, even when we are full. We can be full and not even realize it. Stop eating those last couple of bites of green beans and wait to see if you desire more. Chances are, the desire to eat is going to go away.

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